Bill Pristanski attended Ontario Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney’s speech at the Economic Club of Canada on February 2, 2020. Minister Mulroney’s speech “It’s Happening: Delivering Major Transit Projects Better and Faster” served as a notice that the current Ontario government plans to quickly build infrastructure projects, including four new priority subways in the Greater Toronto Area. Thanks to the leadership of Minister Mulroney, Toronto will benefit from significant mass transit projects in the years to come.

The Economic Club of Canada is a non-partisan speaker’s forum hosted by some of Canada’s most notable leader’s and influencers. The goal of the Economic Club of Canada is to provide an avenue to gain access to its speakers by having the advantage of being able to ask direct and unfiltered questions.

Minister Caroline Mulroney has been in politics since 2018 and has a long history in law and business, having worked at Vice President of BloombergSen Investment Partners and was an associate Director of the NYU Center for Law & Business. She is a graduate of Harvard College and the NYU School of Law and has been involved with numerous charitable organizations.

Bill Pristanski is a principal at Prospectus Associates. In 1991, he left the Mulroney government to cofound Prospectus Associates. He is a leading public affairs adviser, providing strategic advice to senior executives on a wide arrange of policy areas, from transportation to innovation.