The latest federal budget had a major victory for The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) and cancer research across the country.

The budget announced that the TFRI would receive up to $150 million over five years to help establish a national Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network. These centres will share data, harmonize resources and apply new technologies such as genomics, advanced imaging and artificial intelligence to advance cancer research from coast to coast.

Minister Morneau, in his budget speech stated: “… in communities all across this country, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are living with cancer. Every single day, about 565 people receive a cancer diagnosis, and around 220 people die from cancer. It’s something that touches every community, and most of our families.To help give more cancer patients and their families help and hope, we will provide the Terry Fox Research Institute with up to $150 million to establish a national Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network.”

TRFI is a pro bono client of Prospectus.  Bill Pristanski, who Chairs the Board of Directors at the Terry Fox Foundation (TFF), and the team at Prospectus Associates were among those who promoted the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network, championing how it can help Canadians fight this dreaded disease that affects every Canadian in one way or another.

With the government’s historic investment in the network, combined with TFRI resources, and funding from other organizations, including hospital and research foundations, Canada is a major step closer to Terry Fox’s dream of a world without cancer.